Julien Bloit
music & gesture

I’m doing prospective work for a future performance involving a vocalist, a percussionist and realtime computer graphics. The goal is to design an environment which evolves by reacting to sounds on stage. The performance is to be played in schools, but might as well be presented to adults later if they behave. In the meantime […]

This is a collaboration with artist-designer Marguerite Humeau, who is fascinated with scientific experiments and their potential for many narrative opportunities. A presentation of the project from the exhibition in St-Etienne : “Proposal for Resuscitating Prehistoric Creatures” sets up the rebirth of cloned creatures, their wandering and their sound epic. They are seeking to evolve […]

This piece of music is based on a repeating pattern heard from different perspectives. All sounds are produced by a Max/MSP patch doing wavescan synthesis : a note is produced by looping a smaller portion from a given sound sample, at various speeds. At low frequencies, the result sounds similar to a vynil scratching effect. […]

At Music Hack Day, I met Warren Stringer and Matt Howell and teamed up with the idea of creating a dynamic graphic environment, reacting to facial expressions, as well as voice or instrument sounds. This is what it looks like at the end of the weekend : The face and sound tracking happen on the […]

The idea for this project was to control music and sounds with a simple school ball. The motion of the ball bouncing or flying around on the playground is captured live and repurposed as giant musical gestures that mashup pre-recorded tracks and sound effects. Various game scenarios were tried : direct sonification of existing games […]

Earlier this year, I started to work on the Sabour project, for which we needed the gestures of the dancer to be interpreted in real time. We used a Kinect to track the body movements, but we needed something more time-reactive and localized to specific body parts. We agreed to test on a wireless IMU. […]

Max/MSP is a graphical programming environment very useful to prototype software for live performance. Of course you can use it for more than prototyping, but I find it very efficient to rapidly test ideas. I tend to use it very often, even for non interactive tasks like recording my band rehearsals. It can be useful […]