Julien Bloit
music & gesture


I am a research engineer and musician working at the intersection of digital media, new musical experience, and live performance.

I’m a hands-on person who likes to build things to help me think, and repurpose everyday objects for digital interaction. I specialize in audio software but I love taking a breeze from the headphones to enjoy the smell of solder, burning acrylic on a laser cutter, or learning about animal communication. My most challenging job so far was being a steward on the Eiffel Tower elevators.

Deep skills :
  • PhD. in Statistical modelling of temporal sequences. Real time sound analysis and synthesis, Model selection, Sound morphology. More on my research page at Ircam.
  • Max/MSP, Matlab, C/C++, Java.

Broader skills (at least one achieved  project)  :

  • Mobile development, Realtime graphics, Motion capture, Hardware for  interaction, Backend and frontend web.
  • openFrameworks, objective C, Processing, Arduino, Max4Live, LAMP stack, python, javaScript, Flash.

Talks and publications :

Art collaborations & installations :

Discography as a drummer :

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The second album I recorded with Kumquat, out in 2013, on Label Vibrant: Blast by Kumquat Guitar: Sylvain Choinier Saxophones: Raphael Quenehen Bass: Clément Lebrun Drums: Julien Bloit

While living in California for a bit, I played and recorded with Spider Heart, on drums. It was quite an adventure. The true American dream: the whole band sleeping in the same motel room, driving for hours in the desert for a Vegas show in a dive bar, tracking in a lama farm, smashing guitars […]

I made this instrument, form the idea of the Rythmicon, invented by Leon Thereremin. I think it’s one of the first rythmic machine ever built, and interestingly, it’s polyrhythmic by nature, which many modern drum machines are not. This is a processing sketch sending controls to a Max patcher.  

In 2010, Nicolas Rasamimanana and I founded Phonotonic, a nonprofit spun off IRCAM Real Time Musical Interaction Team. Phonotonic’s purpose was to leads art-science projects at the frontier between academic research and applied systems for broad audiences. It gathers researchers and artists to imagine and design interactive systems that combine the body and novel numeric […]

Citiplay is an interactive, digital version of the iconic street game hopscotch that seeks to foster a sense of urban play. The game functions much like the game “Simon” by asking participants to remember and repeat patterns by stepping on hopscotch tiles that light up in sequence. Aimed at both the passerby walking by on […]