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In 2010, Nicolas Rasamimanana and I founded Phonotonic, a nonprofit spun off IRCAM Real Time Musical Interaction Team. Phonotonic’s purpose was to leads art-science projects at the frontier between academic research and applied systems for broad audiences. It gathers researchers and artists to imagine and design interactive systems that combine the body and novel numeric [...]


Citiplay is an interactive, digital version of the iconic street game hopscotch that seeks to foster a sense of urban play. The game functions much like the game “Simon” by asking participants to remember and repeat patterns by stepping on hopscotch tiles that light up in sequence. Aimed at both the passerby walking by on [...]


This device helps you create musical patterns with mouse gestures. When you drag the mouse on the interface, the particles’ motion trigger notes and your gesture is looped right away, in sync with the current song’s tempo. This allows you to explore musical ideas in a way that is more instrumental that programmatic, by picking-up [...]

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I’m doing prospective work for a future performance involving a vocalist, a percussionist and realtime computer graphics. The goal is to design an environment which evolves by reacting to sounds on stage. The performance is to be played in schools, but might as well be presented to adults later if they behave. In the meantime [...]


This is a collaboration with artist-designer Marguerite Humeau, who is fascinated with scientific experiments and their potential for many narrative opportunities. A presentation of the project from the exhibition in St-Etienne : “Proposal for Resuscitating Prehistoric Creatures” sets up the rebirth of cloned creatures, their wandering and their sound epic. They are seeking to evolve [...]